MySQL Reference Architectures for Massively Scalable Web Infrastructure

MySQL Best Practices for Innovating on the Web

MySQL is deployed in 9 of the top 10 most trafficked sites on the web including Facebook, Twitter, eBay and YouTube, as well as some of the fastest growing such as Tumblr, Pinterest and

This gives MySQL unique insight into how to design database-driven web architectures – whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud - that deliver the highest levels of scalability, agility and availability with the lowest levels of cost, risk and complexity.  

This whitepaper presents a series of Reference Architectures for small, medium and large web and mobile properties. You will learn how to scale the components common to most services, while providing high availability, data security and simplified management.

The whitepaper covers the core underlying technologies supporting today’s most successful web services including:
- MySQL Database
- MySQL Cluster
- MySQL Replication
- Caching with Memcached and Redis
- Big Data with Hadoop
- Geographic Redundancy
- Hardware Recommendations
- Operational Best Practices

By leveraging the best practices identified in this Guide, you will have a starting point to building the next web and mobile phenomenon.