DBA and Developer Guide to What's New in MySQL 5.6

MySQL 5.6 is the best release ever of the world's most popular open source database and provides a new, advanced feature set designed to enable those who are building the next generation of web-based and embedded applications and services.   This whitepaper provides a guided tour through the key features and enhancements and provides examples and resources for drilling into the complete technical and implementation details.   By reading you will gain an understanding of what sets MySQL 5.6 apart and ahead of earlier releases:

  • Better Performance and Scalability
  • Improved InnoDB storage engine for better transactional throughput
  • Improved Optimizer for better query execution times and diagnostics
  • Better Application Availability with Online DDL/Schema operations
  • Better Developer Agility with NoSQL Access via Memcached API to InnoDB
  • Improved Replication for high performance and self-healing cluster deployments
  • Improved Performance Schema for better instrumentation and monitoring
  • Improved Security for worry-free application deployments
  • And other important enhancements

This paper highlights the key new features in each of these areas, many with practical use case examples.  To conclude, there is a summary of how MySQL 5.6 can be implemented using best practices comprising production-ready software, support and services of the MySQL Enterprise Edition offering.