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Letter from Mårten Mickos, SVP, Database Group, and Rich Green, EVP, Software, Sun Microsystems

Today, MySQL proudly joins forces with Sun Microsystems, the leading provider of platforms for the Web economy and the largest commercial open source contributor. We thank you - our customers, developers and community members - for your trust and continued support. Our commitment to you is that MySQL will continue to be a leader in the open source community and now, as a part of Sun, we will provide a new level of innovation, service and support.

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Letter from Jonathan Schwartz, CEO & President, Sun Microsystems

Today is a big day for Sun and the MySQL community. We have closed our acquisition of MySQL AB and proudly join forces with this open source icon and the company behind the world's most popular open source database. Sun already is the leading provider of platforms for the Web economy and the largest commercial open source contributor. As of today, Sun also is a formidable player in the $15 billion database market. We thank you - our joint customers, developers and community members - for making this possible.

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Press Release: Sun Microsystems Announces Completion of MySQL Acquisition

Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced it has completed the acquisition of MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, for approximately $1 billion in total consideration. Sun also unveiled the immediate availability of MySQL's complete portfolio of products and enterprise services backed by its 17,000-strong global sales and services organization and its extensive international network of authorized distribution channels. Sun now provides a single, secure choice for customers and developers seeking to put MySQL into deployment on a global basis.

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MySQL and Sun World Tour

February - April

Sun and MySQL meetups are coming near you. This special world tour brings together the expertise, best practices, and technology know-how directly to you. Find out when they are going to be in your city.

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MySQL and Sun Community Townhall

March 4th, 10:00am PST

Join the conversation with Sun and MySQL executive team in the Community Townhall on March 4th at 10am PST.

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Gartner News: Analysis on MySQL Acquisition

The MySQL purchase immediately casts Sun in the role of a major open-source database management system vendor with heterogeneous operating system solutions. IBM, Oracle and Red Hat will likely feel some market pressure.

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MySQL Conference & Expo 2008 - Register Now

MySQL Conference & Expo draws more than 1,600 participants and offers more than 100 sessions and tutorials, led by some of the leading database and open source experts in the world. Register early and reserve your spot in one of the following high-intensity, hands-on tutorials:

  • Real World Web Scalability
  • Getting Started with MySQL Proxy
  • MySQL Cluster Tutorial
  • A Hands-on Introduction to High-Availability MySQL and DRBD
  • Memcached and MySQL: From Soup to Nuts
  • MySQL Workbench

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White Paper: MySQL Enterprise for Managed Hosting & SaaS Providers

Whether a SaaS provider chooses to host their applications in-house or remotely at either a collocation or a managed hosting facility, a subscription to MySQL Enterprise helps ensure that the databases comprising the core elements of their technology platform meet or exceed the expected Service Level Agreements (SLAs) concerning performance, scalability and uptime.

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Case Study: Alstom Selects MySQL as a Database Standard for Power Plant Monitoring

Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation and rail infrastructure. As part of Alstom's power plant monitoring product (AMODIS®), a relational database that was low cost and robust was needed. MySQL was chosen as the relational database and is embedded in each AMODIS® system that is deployed in power plants worldwide.

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MySQL Jobs

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database software. As part of Sun Microsystems' software group, MySQL is a global organization with over 400 workers in 25 countries. We are looking for talented professionals in engineering, sales, marketing, professional services, and support that will contribute to our products' strong momentum and share in our success! We have openings for the following positions:

  • Support Engineers
  • Senior Software Engineers
  • Senior Sales Representatives
  • Sales Engineers
  • Senior Instructors
  • Senior Consultants
  • And More ...

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New Product Releases

New Release of MySQL Community Server 5.1.23 (Release Candidate)

We are proud to present to you the MySQL Server 5.1.23-rc release, a new "release candidate" version of the popular open source database. This release includes:

  • Partitioning: Security Fix - It was possible, by creating a partitioned table using the DATA DIRECTORY and INDEX DIRECTORY options to gain privileges on other tables having the same name as the partitioned table. As a result of this fix, any table-level DATA DIRECTORY or INDEX DIRECTORY options are now ignored for partitioned tables.
  • Security Fix: Replication: It was possible for any connected user to issue a BINLOG statement, which could be used to escalate privileges. Use of the BINLOG statement now requires the SUPER privilege.
  • Replication: Replication of the following now switches to row-based logging in MIXED mode, and generates a warning in STATEMENT mode: USER(), CURRENT_USER(), CURRENT_USER, FOUND_ROWS(), ROW_COUNT()

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New Release of MySQL Community Server 5.0.51a (GA)

MySQL Community Server 5.0.51a, a new version of the popular Open Source Database Management System, has been released. MySQL 5.0.51a is a security hotfix release. We recommend all users of any previous release in the MySQL 5.0 Community Server branch to upgrade to 5.0.51a as soon as possible. This release includes:

  • Security Fix: Three vulnerabilities in yaSSL versions 1.7.5 and earlier were discovered that could lead to a server crash or execution of unauthorized code. The exploit does not apply to OpenSSL.
  • Security Fix: ALTER VIEW retained the original DEFINER value, even when altered by another user, which could allow that user to gain the access rights of the view. Now ALTER VIEW is allowed only to the original definer or users with the SUPER privilege.
  • Security Fix: When using a FEDERATED table, the local server could be forced to crash if the remote server returned a result with fewer columns than expected.

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MySQL Workbench 5.0.14 (Beta)

MySQL Workbench is a next-generation visual database design application can be used to efficiently design, manage and document database schemata. For more information about the MySQL Workbench project please visit the MySQL Workbench Developer Central site at This Beta release includes 35 closed bugs and some major improvements.

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Hints & Tips

Article: A Q&A Session with Mårten Mickos about the Sun Acquisition

Colin Charles

We got a chance to speak with Mårten Mickos about Sun's acquisition of MySQL, and we asked him some questions, that the community at large, might have.

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Article: MySQL Information Schema Plugins: the best kept secret of MySQL 5.1

Roland Bouman

MySQL 5.1 offers an extremely useful feature called information_schema plugins. This feature allows dynamic runtime loading of a shared library into the MySQL server to implement a table in the information_schema database.

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Article: Reporting MySQL Internals with Information Schema plug-ins

Roland Bouman

Last week, I described how to use the MySQL plug-in API to write a minimal 'Hello world!' information schema plug-in. The main purpose of that plug-in is to illustrate the bare essentials of the MySQL information schema plug-in interface.

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PlanetMySQL Blog Posts

The following blog posts are from PlanetMySQL. PlanetMySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from MySQL developers, users and employees. It is an excellent source of all things MySQL, including technical tips and best practices.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Using Events to Manage Table Partitioning by Date: Wrap-up

Jay Janssen

As a follow up to the series of posts I've been making, I wanted to post what I ended up with. Thanks to everyone who posted comments, your help was extremely useful. To recap, I have a working pair of events to add and remove partitions to this table.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Spring Cleaning in MySQL Supported Platforms

Giuseppe Maxia

The MySQL Lifecycle Policy determines which versions are actively supported, and for which platforms such support applies. The basic principle is that old versions are supported for a quite long, but definitely limited period, once they have been replaced by a newer GA version.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: MySQL Cluster Features - What They Are, What They Do

Johan Andersson

What version you should use depends on what features you need, but CGE 6.2 is more mature than 6.3 at the point of writing and is used in production in a number of places of some of the largest telco's in the world. CGE 6.3 is a version that many of our customers are developing and testing on right now.

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PlanetMySQL Blog: Analyze This

Mark Callaghan

Do you create transient tables and then use them with complex queries? By transient I mean a table with a short lifetime, temporary or not. If there are indexes on them, then you should run ANALYZE TABLE prior to running queries. But what you need to do is determined by the type of storage engine you use.

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Live Webinar: Guide to Choosing an Embedded Relational Database (EMEA)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

If you are considering embedding or bundling a relational database in your software applications or hardware products, then you won't want to miss this web seminar. MySQL is the most popular database for ISVs, VARs, hardware vendors, and network appliance manufactures who want to cost-effectively embed or bundle a reliable, high-performance relational database. Learn how to use unique MySQL features to improve your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Live Webinar: Crazy Data Formats and Multiple Data Sources? Taming Your Messy Mashups

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If you value the information stored in your MySQL database, you will need to ensure successful, secure and consistent backups with minimal impact on the database application. In this webinar, we will discuss methods to make sure that your backup solution provides the most efficient use of network, server and storage resources.

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Training, Consulting, and Certification

Consulting: MySQL Architecture & Design (2+ Days)

In this engagement, a dedicated MySQL certified consultant will work closely with your team to deliver the following benefits:

  • Accelerate the development process by ensuring the application is architected correctly
  • Help ensure application meets current and future business requirements
  • Minimize re-architecting efforts when business conditions change
  • Learn and use best practices techniques to ensure success

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Training: MySQL Performance Tuning (4 Days)

Sacramento, Dallas, Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Toronto

  • Do you want to monitor, diagnose problem areas and tune MySQL for optimal performance?
  • Do you want to write queries that take advantage of the MySQL 5.0 performance enhancements dealing with queries and indexing?
  • Do you want to Evaluates the application architecture for efficient design, structure, caching, number of connections and other factors affecting performance

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