Fully Elastic Real-Time Services with MySQL Cluster

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016

MySQL Cluster is an open source, ACID-compliant transactional database designed to deliver real-time in-memory performance and 99.999 percent availability. It powers the subscriber databases of major communications service providers and networks supporting over a billion mobile phone users worldwide. MySQL Cluster is also used in global fraud detection for financial transactions and serves massive multiplayer online gaming back-ends.

The MySQL Cluster architecture allows the addition or removal of nodes without any service interruption. It adapts to capacity demands making resources available instantaneously and when needed. Its native Node.js platform and connectors for Java make it easy to write real-time web-based applications in the cloud. This webinar will guide you through common architectures and a use case for elastic MySQL Cluster deployments.


  • Bernhard Ocklin, Director of MySQL Cluster Engineering


Nehmen Sie einfach von Ihrer gewohnten Umgebung, zum Beispiel von Ihrem Büro aus, an diesem Web-Seminar teil.

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