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ISVs' and OEMs' business success is largely determined by their products' ability to perform as promised, at a price that is both competitive in the market and profitable for the company. MySQL Server enjoys the rare distinction of being both full-featured and low-cost, which is why over 2000 ISV, OEMs and VARs entrust their products' and business success to MySQL as their products' embedded database. In addition, MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, now backed by the world's largest database company.

ISVs, OEMs and VARs can rely on MySQL Server to

  • Reduce COGS and Improve Profitability by using a database with features designed to keep products’ costs low throughout their lifecycle, allowing vendors to offer their products at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. MySQL’s low total cost also provides vendors the margin and pricing flexibility to appeal to Small and Medium Business (SMBs), and to compete in high-volume, low-margin markets.
  • Win and Keep Customers by using a SQL-compliant, relational database with superior performance and reliability to meet the needs of even the most demanding applications, such as Telco and Network management, 24x7. In addition, by using MySQL in their products from the start, vendors can more easily add more sophisticated capabilities over time and they can keep pace with their customers' data growth, avoiding the difficult and expensive task of migrating their products and customers to another database.
  • Bring Products to Market Faster by embedding a proven database rather than building and maintaining a database in-house, or spending time on difficult integration and tuning.
  • Appeal to multiple markets using a database that supports 20+ platforms, giving vendors the freedom to ship products on a wide range of hardware and operating system combinations. In addition, MySQL provides the cost-efficiency and ease-of-use small business require, and it has the reliability, scalability and high performance to meet the requirements of some of the world’s largest web properties and mission-critical applications.
  • Deliver a Zero Administration solution so customers don't have to hire dedicated DBA resources, and the vendor isn’t burdened with costly database-related support calls.

See what customers have to say about some of MySQL’s most valued features and characteristics most valued by ISVs and OEMs:


"MySQL allowed us to focus on designing a solution that would meet customer needs rather than how to minimize database licensing costs. NetQoS reduced its database costs by several thousand dollars per network appliance while also meeting the high-performance requirements of enterprise networks."

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"Using MySQL enabled us to deliver a cost-effective network analysis solutions that works out of the box and resulted in NetIntercept earning the Best Value Award from Computerworld's Security Pipeline. Also, only MySQL provides the performance to meet the high volume demands or our enterprise customers."

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High Performing and Scalable

RightNow Technologies
"RightNow has tripled its traffic and now manages over 30TB of data – all stored in MySQL. And, with MySQL, we are able to handle 17 billion queries and 500 million page turns per month. We also use thousands of database schemas, all from different customers running dynamically generated SQL based on customer design."

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"Transaction speed was the most important factor for us in choosing MySQL. Our agents analyze 3000 transactions per second on average and at least three times that during business hours. We needed MySQL's extremely low overhead to achieve that performance. Many of the other databases don't even have this embedded option."

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Bring Products to Market Faster

"It took us less than one day to fully integrate MySQL with our MobileMonitor/Analyzer products, which is a small fraction of the time it has taken us just to research how to integrate with other databases."

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"MySQL reduces overall cost of ownership as it is not dependent on one platform or stack. This gives our customers choice in how they use their products in relation to operating systems and other applications."

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"Had we chosen a proprietary database, we would have been limited to the platform on which the product is available. Here we have complete freedom to support the platform of our choice."

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"MySQL's low administrative requirements allowed Scholastic to ship products that work out of the box and don't require school districts to hire high-cost, dedicated DBAs."

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"MySQL's ease of use and zero administration capabilities enable PortaBilling to be installed and configured in less than 15 minutes."